Verizon FiOS is Serious About Service and Verizon FIOS promo codes


Verizon is truly a telecommunications giant delivering tech products for houses and also businesses. Following a variety key purchases, Verizon has become the biggest mobile service provider in the USA.

Verizon FiOS


Today’s Verizon Communications developed as the result of the new telecommunications company by Bell Atlantic along with U.K.’s Vodafone. The business exemplifies the relentless search for the baby Bells to remain huge in the market that extends back to the creation of the phone back in the mid to late Eighteen hundreds.


Through the last century, federal regulations established whether or not a telecommunications supplier could function in a certain community, but that changed in the mid 90s, as soon as the Telecommunications Act was enacted. The recent legislation launched the path for a free marketplace.


Verizon FIOS promotion code is really a telecom which links both households plus business owners to sophisticated telecommunications solutions. The company delivers wireless, high speed internet, phone service, and tv services, to millions of people nationwide.

Verizon FiOS

Verizon FiOS is a bundled solution offering Broadband, phone and tv running across fiber-optic communication systems. The FiOS program was initially available in September 2005 in Texas. FiOS has since become a significant service having an enormous number of clients in a great many areas.

Verizon is located at the top part of the ladder currently when it comes to level of quality, value and also availability. Verizon provides program tiers like HD, Prime HD, Extreme HD, Ultimate HD, along with package selections, thus customers have lots of choices (check out the choices and current deals on a site such as uverse coupons).

FiOS Packages

Verizon delivers numerous FiOS service plans and costs in every of the company’s program areas. Listed below are some examples of FiOS bundles:

  • Double Play – FiOS Select HD TV + FiOS Internet with 15/5 Mbps
  • Triple Play – FiOS Prime HD TV + FiOS Internet with 50/25 Mbps + Digital Phone

Community and Environment

Corporate social obligation is a crucial mission for Verizon. The Domestic Violence Program also, the Device Recycling Program are a couple of Verizon’s key community service programs.

Domestic Violence Program
Through the use of reconditioned cell phones along with components, Verizon is battling back in opposition to domestic violence. Verizon supplies to domestic violence victims refurbished mobile phones plus essential accessories .
Device Recycling Program
Through providing painless ways to recycling just about any wifi product, Verizon is assisting customers cut down on rubbish in landfills. People may recycle as many as 10 mobile devices in each stop at any Verizon Wireless retail outlet.

Verizon’s recognized program and consideration for the local community together with environment are in the lead for various other telecom organizations to go by.

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