Independent Michigan Attorney New Practice Business Plan

There are over 1.2 million licensed attorneys across the United States. Most of them are practicing lawyers. There are too many who are stuck doing odd jobs just to make ends meet. When the ¬†economic collapse of 2008 hit way too many JD graduates were unable to find jobs. Some were forced to take any job. Including serving at restaurants and working at fast food joints. With student loans in the six figure range the future looked bleak for many of them. Although, the economy has improved these licensed lawyers still don’t get a fair shot at gaining employment.

Jacob, a recent law school graduate with a C graduated toward the bottom pack of his graduating class. He tried to get a job working for different law firms but to no avail. Jacob didn’t have the grades, the experience nor the connections to ‘get in’. Unwilling to accept a job in a different industry, he had to be honest with himself. He didn’t have many options. The only option he had was to start his own practice.

Not only was Jacob unemployed but he was broke. Luckily for him, one of his friends let him set up shot in his office. He got to use the conference room in case any clients came in.

The problem was Jacob didn’t have any clients. So, he quickly decided that he was going to represent individuals who were charged with a DUI in Michigan. In his opinion, these individuals needed an attorney fast and they don’t have the luxury of time on their side. Great. The next problem was where to find them.

This space is very competitive. To make a name for himself Jacob create a series of informative videos which he posted on YouTube explaining the rights of every individual who was charged with a DUI. He offered free consultations and was willing to drive out and meet people in the inner city instead of having them go out to his office. To his surprise he was able to generate a decent number of new clients just from this strategy alone.

Next, he started going pay per click ads in Google and Facebook. Jacob is now of the to leading DUI lawyers in Detroit.

His business plan was more of a leap of faith combined with desperation and willingness to try new things.