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During a press release, Afghanistan’s president, Hamid Karzai, labelled the pictures of US paratroopers posing with what seems to be the body parts of rebellious suicide bombers as “disgusting.” The pictures quickly gained attention and hype over the Internet and were regarded to as Taliban Trophy Photographs. The president of Afghanistan quickly utilized the images […]

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs is more commonly referred to by its acronym of VA. It is a department within the US government that exists solely to provide support to military veterans of all generations and needs. Whether it is financial assistance, medical help or benefits for families, the VA handles it. As […]

Knowledge is power, at least that what Bridges TV hopes to prove. Bridges TV is a relatively new English language channel that offers approximately 300 million Americans programming that will bridge the conflict between the West and Middle East. Bridges TV will provide a unique perspective on the issues that face the Middle East, as […]